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Moving around I see it exists
In fact it exists and is troubling me
I try to concentrate on it and see it exists
No, where does it exist then I try to review my observation
Review and review and again I see it exists
I removed thoughts from me cleaned all bias and watch back
It still exists there but where? I try to locate
Finally got to realize it exists but is not static
It is moving from one point to the other all the time, but it exists
How could it? I concentrate more and clean my brain more
Now with silent and unbiased concentration I could see it does not exit
It exist and does not exist at the same instant
It’s like wave, it moves around and vanishes and again exists back
Is it my pain or my misconception of believing on its existence in the macro level
Going deep its nothing but just the creation that vanishes and recreates itself
Why should I want to hate or love it
No no it’s just needless to go for it
Its needless to love it or hate it

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