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1 2 3 Bungee and Those Final Moments

Life is going comfortably why to take un- wanted risk.  Is the rope capable of holding me down?  Or am I luck to survive?  did I forget to thanks to my love? Probably these are some thoughts come in mind before making final “BUNGEE”. Above all there is no chance to press “F1” in case of any unidentified bug nether pressing “CTRL+ Z” if the ropes brakes on me. None of us were sure to make it before we actually jump.  It was the day when four crazy dudes of Kathmandu did bungee.  I was one of them making the team of 4 with my own believe “Thinking is such a waste of time … let’s do it”

After watching some of videos about bungee, we were excited to jump, check our guts.  A short discussion and plan was finalized.  We make a group of 3, Rajeev was last to join. In the Friday evening we were group of 4, the crazy four and decided to go on following day.  Ganesh makes short briefing and we were all set to go.  He asked me not to drink the following night “Jhap na hunu mora”, I said same to him. But the plan was for Saturday and this was Friday evening who is going to stop us. We back to our normal Friday and start finishing some of remaining alcohols in this world. As always; only the first bottle is expensive so it goes till 11 PM before we started informing near and dear once about bungee mania. There is nothing new for my friends to get call around mid night, but doing bungee was new in the list and no one believed me at that moment.

Following mooring phone rings, it was Ganesh. After a short taxi ride we all are gather in Thamel. The resort has arranged one bus which is going to take us to the bungee spot, around 200 KM away from the city. In the bus we four were in minority, excluding four of us and the crew rest all were out of Nepal. Looking inside it was out of Nepal, every one speaking “English” using imported things. After the four hour ride we reach our destination.

The resort arrived ..

It was the first time we 4 watch deadly Bhote Koshi and the real fear comes to our face. The view was awesome but the fear was everywhere. The sound of river was breaking the silence and adding fear. Let’s not do it. If not for us then probably for the office, for the projects or for anything but just left this mission.  But that was something we wanted to do.  At that moment all we four wanted to test our self; check the real fear factor inside us and enjoy break free ride on a thin rope. Without wasting time to think, we headed for the resort and security briefing started.  I got placed in the first group  and was time to move to the bridge for the jump.

Final moments arrived

I was walking in the bridge with very nervous legs and mix emotions re- thinking about my plan to jump.

Now it was my turn to get ready for jump. In the team of four I was first to jump. The crew asked me the say hi camera but I could hardly assembled words and make sentence. The big Fear factor was working everywhere.  I was walking towards platform, the most difficult steps that I could had ever taken.  Below me was the deep river and I am going to risk my life trusting a thin rope.  Take a deep breath and after putting an artificial smile on my face I finally get prepared. It was the moment I was about to jump overcoming every feeling and overcoming instruction of brain; not to jump.  In following seconds I was in air, a break free ride had just begin, complete back out of brain and just following down. Now the joy of fall had overcome my big Fear factor and I was enjoying Bungee. It was the feeling, freedom of life and joy of success. If I say I was brave and did not afraid I must be lying but  At those moments the fear had overcome by the joy of win, joy of success.  

Doing bungee is not something we can do regularly probably it is life time moments. I am not going to encourage anyone to do such crazy things but I must say we need to check the fear factor inside us. Some time thinking is such a waste of time. If you think you simply can’t do such crazy things. Everything comes with the price and bungee comes with the price of fear and joy of feeling we can do it. After all a jump can remove some amount of fear factor from us or probably makes us more confident for life.  This may not be good suggestion but some time for lazy ass like me, doing crazy jobs makes more sensible towards life. 

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  1. hey Saurav dai,

    ” Bungee banne pachi manche haru paye paisa tirera pani afulai tarsaune kaam garcha bancha ”


    you simply Great! you win your fear factor .That’s what i want to do it 🙂

  2. Thinking is really waste of time smtime hai ……so after reading this ekpatak Bungee try garnu parla …after all every one wants joy of success . 😉

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