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Life in Nepal
71. Cellular Revolution in Nepal.

Photo by: Nilesh Shrestha (Camera: Motorola V3i Razor)

Creative Support: NishchalS

0 thoughts on “09-25-2007

  1. The quality of this photo is very bad. We should post better pics here. But the picture is telling a very good story.

  2. Come on guys
    He is fooling you watch it nicely it is not Cell Phone but a Simple FM Receiver he is listening to the News about Tarai. 😆

  3. This is called being an optimist. The world changes for good as consumers around the world have access to the latest technologies. Even the poorest of the poor can afford cell phone (once a very rear commodity) and happily ride on the communication boom of the wrold. This is a great picture and it tells one thousand words. Good catch Nilesh!

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  4. Yes, Cell in Nepal has made life go easy. It seems that man is from terai and work here as house maker. He might be talking about terai situation, thanks to Cell that has made him easy and cheap access to the world.

  5. There is nothing special in this pic that illustrates even 10 unsaid words, one man carrying mobile phone does not expose Cellular Revolution in Nepal. Please change 😡

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