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52. Traditional Sweet Meat Vendor
Photo by: Rajendra Keshari Pandey

Location : Roadside

Creative Support: NishchalS

0 thoughts on “08-28-2007

  1. The caption : “Traditional Sweet Meat Vendor”.

    Now, is that really a MEAT vendor? How can one be sure abt that.

  2. I think the God is by these people’s side. They eat all day long with no exercise and still live 70+ years. Thanks to their will power and determination to make living out of what they are doing. Doctors do not do much – most of them are there to make money squeezing patients in compulsion and emergencies. I rather die without seeing these modern day KASAI (butchers). Dentists are little better except they offer to fill my teeth every time I vist them. Losers!

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  3. You talking like a doctor too.

    The poor guy, to make his ends meet, has to deep fry what seemed like nimki. The vapors evaporated during the process gets inhaled plus he has no time to go for walk or exercise. Consequently, he accumulates weight. Again, not by choice but by compulsion to make a living.

    I have noticed most of the sahujee and sahunis in the valley in traditional sweet shops are blessed with some spare tires.

  4. He needs to see a doctor. I am sure he has diabetes, hypertension and CAD. He is waiting to be toasted. Someone should tell him about all these risk factors.

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