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0 thoughts on “Hamro Pasal

  1. Loona! You are welcome. I am glad that my little effort is helping EU Blog to grow better and bigger.

  2. Thanks, guys for your valuable comments, we will definately have interesting pictures provided that you all participate and contribute pictures to LifeInNepal. Members other than EU Team, who volunteer to take time out of their busy schedule to capture photographs for LIN will be highly appreciated. Please be participative and there won’t be any issue with either “JACK” or “JILL”.

    Also, thanks Shutterbug for your continious effort and contribution to EU esp. LIN. Your pictures are awe inspiring for EU members and viewers. Pls. keep on sending your work.

  3. You are right Shamesh. Everybody has his/her own interpretation of the picture. But the first and the most important rule of photography is capturing the SUBJECT (as mentioned by Shutterbug) which is lacking in the photo.

  4. Yha in the photographic prospective, this photo may look like worthless. But for the daily Life in Nepal, this picture summarize a lot of things. Looking through this pictures gives an idea what people are using; from the Dokos to the Gas Stoves, from the Surahis (the mud pot) to the Electric fan. Watch carefully, you might like to have some in your home too. 😉

  5. Indeed “Life in Nepal” is losing its fame not having specific ‘Objectives’ and guidelines for contributors to contribute pictures. I too feel EU Admin is getting poor in selecting proper picture to post in ‘Life in Nepal’.

    Let’s make ‘Life in Nepal’ a place to share photographs to tell stories of Nepal, Nepali and Nature, by promoting photography.

    By the way, Sita! You keep these thoughts in mind next time you go out to take pictures. This picture has no ‘Clear Subject’ and description is not good. Try little harder. I know you will amaze yourself being able to see more of this world through camera’s viewfinder. Good luck!!

  6. I agree with Mr. Me,Myself…..whatever. I wonder how cud admin accept this photo to publish in such a popular & prestigious EU section? Jack ta laako hoina? 😉 … he he… testai chha hai ..

  7. Seems like EU admin is out of photos. I would like to suggest to post some interesting pics in this section. This photo is probably the wrost example of photography.

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