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209. Summer-Swim

Photo By: Bidur Bohara

Description:Young boys seen cooling off in the local pond on the summer day, south of Narayanhiti palace. Remember those days in childhood diving into one of those local ponds or rivers?
(This picture were taken almost a year back.)

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0 thoughts on “06-04-2008

  1. “tyasto garmi ma….aafu pani dive hannu parchha ni….photo khichdai baschha….dhat!!!”

    dive haanu ta hunthiyo tara…i still remember that i last dislocated my shoulder while swimming…tehi vayera hatar nagareko. 🙄

    And dhilung tyo new road ko sabai foto timi sanga matracha hola…i don’t have any of those shots 😉

  2. tyasto garmi ma….aafu pani dive hannu parchha ni….photo khichdai baschha….dhat!!! 😆

  3. bachcha ma ta ajha, tanna swimming khelera gayo ani ghar ma pitai khayo haha… still remember those days 😆

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