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Abolishment of Monarchy
208. Abolishment of Monarchy
Photo By: Keshav Basnet

Nepal celebrated its rebirth as a republic on Thursday, lowering the royal flag at Kathmandu’s main palace a day after the 239-year-old monarchy was abolished and the king given two weeks to leave the royal compound. The photograph was taken on Thursdayevening 29th May at in front of NarayanHiti Palace.

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  1. Its true that this flag changing does not MAKE us any ‘more republic’ until we DO something. But many of us FEEL a kind of ‘more republic’ feeling. 🙂

    i guess craftycolt is back in EU. 🙄 jus a guess

  2. Media is a powerful weapon. Most of the times, it can be a useful tool, but once in a while it turns out to be this ugly, demonic, silhouette of a system that controls our lives in more ways than previously imagined. Take this ‘flag-changing’ ceremony for an instance. On the eve of Nepal being declared a republic, major publications hinted that the start of the republic system ‘could’ be marked by the changing of royal standard by the national flag at the royal palace. Consequently, on wednesday evening, Nepal was declared a republic and on thursday, a fairly large crowd of people gathered at Narayanhiti gate and started chanting slogans against the former king. They demanded that the royal standard be replaced immediately by the national flag and smelled foul play by the palace authorities. However cliched it may sound, they were quick to denounce the former king and called him a saboteur of freedom and democracy.
    Ironically, the following day, ministry officials made it clear that they had not directed the palace to change the flags and the palace authorities had done so to calm the crowds, gathered at the gate.
    This my friends, is a classic example of how we tend to take too seriously, the lies and propaganda being fed to us in print and electronic form.
    I ask to those who were gathered at the gates, did this flag changing make nepal any more republic than it would have been? When will we come out of our myopic-trance and learn to think and rationalize? Why don’t we realize that this is all a ploy to get us distracted from the core issues like education, healthcare, and rehabilitation?
    Media, like i said earlier, is a powerful tool. But let us not get ‘played’ by it. We are better than that. Cursing each other will make matters worse. What we need to do is to recocile with our past and embrace the future. We need to do something more productive than rallying and going on strikes. By doing this, we are not hurting the ‘opponent’, but we are hurting ourselves.
    Jai Nepal!

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