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YCL mobilized to clean Pokhara
209. Gearing up to celebrate Naya-Nepal
Photo By: Shamesh Joshi

Cadets of YCL, brother organization of CPN (Maoist), working hand on hand to clean Pokhara lake side. Feels like they are butifying Pokhara for new Nepal, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

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0 thoughts on “06-03-2008

  1. I am very very bad in english. Actually tried to find a word in english which will describe as ‘followers of’ or ‘army of’ kind of word and i came up with cadets.

    Cadets= A military trainee (as at a military academy)

    so i choose it. Which i think is appropriate in my way. The above picture captured YCL members of CPN-Maoist (hehehe i corrected this time), and i think YCL used to be a part of their Gorilla war. 😛

    So sorry if there are any misunderstanding on the word. And by the way I even don’t knew PLA is the army unit of maoist. Thankx for the enlightment 😉

  2. Pallavi, you must browse online dictionary before deciding anything to show your english skills: in wikipedia it says: This article refers to the general definition of cadet. A Cadet may also be a member of the Cadets, a historical Russian political party. For the record label, see Cadet Records.
    A cadet is a future officer in the military. The term is often used by uniformed services.

    The term may also refer to a person who is junior in some way.

    So, you listening to 240 year old Nepali terms used by King’s Army , cannot say Maoists should be called Cadres instead. They have there own organization and levels. PLA is their Army unit. Maoists include PLA, people, commoner, YCL, revolutionary fronts.. May be you did not penetrate their organization structure well.

  3. It should be “cadres” and not cadets 😀
    It its the “CPN-Maoist” and not the CMP UML (Maoist) as mentioned unless the administrator wishes to bear the wrath of both the parties–> the CPN-UML and the CPN-Maoist.

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