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Swing of Sakela Silli
205. Swing of Sakela Silli
Photo By: DreamSky

Members from three generations enjoying Sakela Silli at Tundikhel last Saturday on the occasion of Sakela ‘Ubhauli’ festival. Different Sakela Silli (styles) were demonstrated by different types of Kirat. Prachanda also participated in the cultural dance demonstration.

This festival, once banned by one of the Malla kings, was again officially recognized by the government as the Kirat’s festival in 2058. It is gaining popularity among young generation.

0 thoughts on “05-26-2008

  1. ooooo….i miss being there 🙁 …cant wait to tap my foot in the beat of dhoool and jhemta…..

  2. Thank you Shutterbug 🙂

    ‘feel of the place’ is a nice catch . Peering into ‘Dharahara’ through the moving bodies was an interesting game. 🙂
    And I had tried few slow speed shots to lightenup those faces, but i completely lost the texture of my Sky 🙁

  3. Interesting shot!! Low angle, wide perspective of sky and putting Bhimsen Tower at the backdrop gave this picture a pleasing feel of place, people and the event. Thumb Up!! DreamSky, 🙂 well composed.

    Visible swing of Sakela Silli and more readable faces of women could have made this pictures very Journalistic. One good option to create feel of swing and also to improve its exposure perfectly is slow down the shutter speed.

  4. nice one! people look great in the traditional dress… and the clouds have added an extra(good) effect 🙂

  5. “Members from three generations enjoying Sakela Silli at Tundikhel …”and “The Dharahara” standing there for many generation,reckoning the history.

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