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Traditional Mill
203. Grinding Mill
Photo By: NischalS

Grains are being processed through these electrical mills. These mills are used to process various crops into edible grain. The mill operator above is responsible for maintainence of the functions of Mill.

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Life In Nepal

0 thoughts on “05-22-2008

  1. Editor should not underestimate viewers by putting irrelevant caption and this matter should be taken seriously before people start to degrade EU’s goodwill.

  2. Yha to produce Electricity, Nepal depends on Running water. So these Electrical Grinding Mills are ultimately running through flowing water current. 😉

  3. Hey Guys, cool down and thanks for your opinion, and actually we are darn.. glad to know that you really do go through the LIN Posts regurlarly. Actually, this proves that some of you are actively participating bloggers. Considering the facts, the Caption and description have been edited.

  4. Traditional, dont think so, This one of the modern electric machines.

    Flowing water current bata bijuli nikalera tes bata motor chalune ho bhanna khojeko ho bhane chai yeslai non-electric mill bhanna sakincha. 😆

  5. I agree with pawan … never heard of electric motor driven by WATER. ❗

    If it is, I must say … it is unbelievable !!! 😆

  6. non-electrical mill?
    i think i see an electrical wire there. 😯
    load shedding… may be 😉

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