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Sacred Sky

202. Sacred Sky
Photo by: DreamSky

Swayambhu enjoying the full moon on Buddha Jayanti. This day commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha.The nine days long Kirat’s main festival Sakewa also commences from this day. The festival is celebrated in the worship of mother earth.

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Life In Nepal

0 thoughts on “05-21-2008

  1. Oh, how come I not notice your question ‘peace’!
    I used ‘cloudy’ preset of white balance setting for this shot. Of course it was not a cloudy day (infact it was 9+PM !) but I chose it as this setting tends to enhance warm colors for low light condition. I think AWB is a bad choice for night shots.

  2. peaceful colors! nice shot indeed. Did you use any custom white balancing for halogen lights?

  3. 😉 nice shot.. should have edited with photoshop before posting….soon ma suganda hunthyonta…

  4. @mILAN and Shutturbug

    I took one shot with spot metering mode for the moon (lock n move) and another manual one (F/2.6, 1/2 secs, ISO200) and did the ‘exposure blending’ of two photographs with photomatrix.

    Well, I’m just an accidental photographer and photography being my latest crush. Lot to Learn from you guys – but Loving it. 🙂

    btw, being at that place in Buddha purnima at night was a wonderful experience.

    Thank you Olisa for the whole idea.

    @bishwa and MoonLover
    you guys should have seen that night’s moon by your real eyes, I was not good enough to capture the whole beauty. May be next time with a good telephoto lens. 😉

    @Editor Life In Nepal
    Won’t it be a good idea to provide camera setting information along with the caption and description in each LIN post?

  5. Its as easy as sleeping at your desk 😉 :

    1. Create EU account
    2. Goto gravatar.com, and sign in with the same email id that you used for EU
    3. upload your image
    4. select your image

    then it’s done..
    Gud luck to you

  6. gr8!!
    i like the moon and the texture of the clouds…and the color on the stupa is lovely!!!!

  7. Wonderful Shot! And yes I too stress mILAN’s concern of sharing detail information on camera setting along with photo caption, which will help many to learn how to take beautiful night shots like this one.

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