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Mending Boat
201. Mending Boat Around Fewa
Photo by: Shamesh Joshi

Fewa Lake,Pokhara has provided many local people, a good reason to survive. A woman mends the boat to earn her living. Many people have identified opportunities and income generating activities based upon Fewa Lake. One of such opportunity is Boat Service. Lots of Boats are being used every day for various purposes like: recreation, transportation, fishing etc.

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Life In Nepal

0 thoughts on “05-19-2008

  1. you guys have done a great job by adding this feature in the home page. we got to see the older hidden posts which would have missed by a lot of new viewers.


  2. Dear Shamesh! I’m more than just happy to share my views, comments and encourage people like you to quench your photography thirst. Acquiring some photography knowledge we can train our eyes to see reality and learn wise lessons in life. I agree, the experience of one who’s been to the location to take any picture vary hugely the way we viewer’s has.

    Keep clicking!!

  3. Thank you Shutterbug, I was trying to capture the work as well as the face of the old lady. If I had moved a little right, it would helped to show more signs of her age but will hide her work, the pale blue portion of the boat.
    Any ways, I indeed am a novice and learning to handle my tiny camera. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. It will indeed help us to improve.

  4. Good picture indeed. Unaffected concentration and those wrinkles on her face and hands tell the story of this elderly woman’s devotion and struggle in life. Picture like this has a great power to tell stories of ordinary lives and photographer can take this power of picture effectively following some rules of photography while taking pictures.

    This picture could be more powerful in telling story if photographer had moved little right showing more portion of her aging face. Slightly blurred hand gives viewers a lively feeling of her work.

    Let me add: A picture’s “Caption” and “Catchphrase” is meant to give the viewer extra information about its subject, information which cannot be obtained by looking at the picture but is necessary to understand what the picture is all about. That’s why “Caption” and “Catchphrase” don’t have to mention what is already obvious in the picture.
    Notice (in bold) is not clear. Why don’t you specify the objectives of ‘Life in Nepal” photography series? Is there any other contribution you looks for besides Photographs? Anyway, I will be much happy to assist anyway I can. 🙂

  5. You see, we all are part of a whole!

    While boating around I didnt know it was possible because of these hands.

  6. She is cleaning the boat. Then the gaps between the planks is filled with twisted cotton and sealed with putting. Coloring will give the final touch to the boat and it is revitalized.

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