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188. Minding RoadTraffic Business
Photo By: VishnuK


Managing Road Traffic is not any one’s cup of tea. Even the Traffic Police have hard times clearing out traffic Jam. When Traffic Police is no where in picture or if there is deadlock Traffic Jam, this guy gets into his business to clear out the messy traffic. He is either genuine or crazy, but we recognize his self-less deed, kudos!!

7 thoughts on “04-29-2008

  1. Have a great trip Vishnu dai! And bring back tons of wonderful pictures to share with us. Don’t forget to carry sufficient spare batteries and memory cards. Digital cameras are monster in consuming power. If possible, take your laptop along, so that you can take pictures in higher resolution without worrying about memory card getting full. EBC trek is a lifetime experience to witness awe-inspiring views of many of the world’s highest and most beautiful mountains. Click whatever you encounter. Who knows your photos might get published in postcards from Nepal.

    Big CHEERS to all top hikers of D2. 🙂 Will be in touch then.

  2. Dear Shutterbug,

    This is very nice of you and I appreciate it. Reluctantly, I will not be available until May 20 as we have a team plan to go to EBC. If time permits us, let us coordinate after this. I wish if i had man and his machine.

    Anyway i thank you.


  3. Dear Vishnu dai! I do understand and respect your desire to have me there to shed some light on photography. And please don’t take this procrastination for other reasons than my job which keep me on-move all the time. It would be a big lie if I say, I am not excited to come there in D2H and share my photography expertise. Please bear with me for couple of weeks more. I will pop-up and talk to you in this regard. Meanwhile you keep clicking even you dont’ have DSLR 😉

  4. Dear Shutterbug i am poor on those thing, that is why i asked you long ago please come to us for teaching and guiding us about shooting techniques and machine. But not happening yet. We still hoping that someday you shall appear.

    Anyway thanks for comment.

  5. Vishnu dai! I wish you were holding a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera while you took this shot, so that we could read those writing on his white kurtha.

    This character can be seen often around Kalanki intersection managing traffic. He calls himself as a ‘Cleaner of Nepal’ and he must be trying to clean unruly traffic. Many label him as a moving banner displaying sponsored messages and his intention to come forward in middle of the road is not just to manage traffic but also to display his banner. His name is Laxman Singh Khadka and a die hard devotee of Royal. Indeed an eccentric character!

  6. Yeah, i too thought of him as crazy with that “dress” and a radio, when i saw him in a bus. Now i’ve some to think tha maybe he “knows” what he’s doing… i wish to meet him again someday and listen to what he has to say(if any)
    I appreciate his deeds too. it needs lotsa courage…

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