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Driving Out-of-Track
180. Driving Out-of-Track
Photo By: Nishchal

Reckless driving and Drunken Drive cause numerous Road Accidents in our Country esp. in Highway.
Never try to drive Out-Of-Track. So, stay sober and drive Safe.

0 thoughts on “04-04-2008

  1. That photo was taken from inside the Moving Van, Our van didn’t stooped so took a shot in a sudden, hoping not to miss that. That was best i could do in a second.

  2. What would have happened, If the wheels went out of track on the other side of the highway and not like the way in the pic., it would get crushed or drowned in the river. 😈

  3. We often encounter road mishaps like this on our highways and sometime those sights are pretty horrifying. Geographical condition of our country, road congestion and proper regulation of public transport are its main causes. The need for safe, efficient and effective public transport is very essential to ensure adequate and affordable accessibility because majority of Nepali are dependent on public transport services. Well that’s other side of the picture above.

    This picture could make much striking impact on viewers if it was taken from front side of the truck and choosing low angle. Don’t be lazy if you can create dramatic impact on viewers just by hopping out of the vehicle and make your picture stands out distinct from the horde. Reflection in the windshield and frame at the right side is so distracting the view from the subject. Avoid such flaws. Here I would like to repeat the quote by Robert Capa who once said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you are not close enough”.


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