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164. About to graduate from Hiking School
Photo by: Nishchal Shrestha

Photo Taken during Hiking from Dhulikhel to Palanchowk to Dolal Ghat. It took around 13 hour to complete without taking any rest. Hiking is not only benefit for the health but it also creates team spirit and good team player.

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  1. Journalistic Approach: Photographer could assist these D2H fearful hikers instead of clicking this picture but he opted to provide an easy-to-read, clear truthful image that communicates a meaningful message to the viewers like a PHOTOJOURNALIST. (Though knowing or not knowing these consequences of picture power). Composing three hikers tightly enable this picture to show the fear in hiker’s faces (especially middle one). Nice shot!! Nishchal ji.

    Of course, adventure is plenty out there and hikers need real guts to experience them.

    The way hikers holding their shoes amused me 😉

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