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164. Creation of Lord Shiva
Photo by: Naresh Bajracharya

Photo taken at Patan. Craft men are creating Stone statue as there forefather. Stone are brought from near hill of Godawari.

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  1. Poverty and Nepal

    Poverty in Nepal, as perceived by donors, is primarily due to socio-political reason. Social because we have prehistorical caste ordering and Political because people do not know how to get organized. Few Decades back Poverty was linked with education and lack of opportunities to women. Accordingly many targeted programs were conducted to educate poor and especially girls to empower on various issues such as health and social awareness. Though their success cannot be undermined, the social-political issues arose because of the same program.
    The education program targeted at poor and especially girls empowered the Brahmins of Nepal. They were the primary recipients of all target program as they were identified as the trainers and educators. Because of their abilities to comprehend and teach they became respective members of the society. As because of their respect, they became politicians and corrupt leaders.
    Facts speak for themselves. 85% of all politicians started their career into politics as teachers or learned members of their society. They were trained by Americans and Europeans to impart knowledge. They were handed special responsibilities, by giving them Master degrees with exposure, in their societies. As more funds started pouring in from Japan and other countries , they found themselves at a gold mine.
    It is strange to learn that during the early 1960s many such individuals were trained in related development programs hoping to develop just societies and environ for democracy, they mostly chose communism. And thus began communism in Nepal.
    It is a proven fact that where communists excel, there is bound to be poverty because communists don’t believe in wealth creation, they believe in poverty as social responsibility. So unlimited resource is spent on mobilization and wealth is never really created. So within ten year’s span, people become poorer.
    So what are the donors doing wrong? Well, firstly they look at our society in 2D and fail to understand the real dynamics. They take the voice of only the poor to international arena and spend the fund in 3D world. They thrive to change the social dynamics and end up creating conflict amongst ourselves. This is Nepal and Poverty in Nepal. If donors stop meddling in our affairs, democracy would prevail and socio-political ordering would be just. Sad, but true.. foreign donors create poverty and negative conflicts.

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