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163. Peace begins with a smile.
Photo by: NishchalS

Above quotes is by Mother Teresa. Photo taken at Jaibageswari.

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  1. “Smiles on their faces (except third one in red) seem smiling forcefully.” … i’d noticed that too… the eye goes directly to the right … the attractive power of a smile i guess…

  2. Nice picture of children yet it feels they are posing. Smiles on their faces (except third one in red) seem smiling forcefully.

    Photographing children is quite difficult but enormously rewarding. It certainly is tough job, to being allowed into their world and gaining their trust. And once you do that and you get down to their level, then their world is yours.

    Interesting part while photographing children is to wait for the wonderful expression on their sweet little faces and being ready to click the right frame at the right time. It’s tremendous feeling when you are able to freeze their beautiful SMILE and innocent acts. So next time you go to click children don’t forget to WAIT.

    By the way, Smile is the shortest bridge you can make to other person’s heart. No doubt I am a great admirer of BEAUTIFUL SMILE of people. 😉

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