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131. Life Amidst Rocks (Creative Support: SuyeshN)
Photo By: Manish Shakya

0 thoughts on “01-07-2008

  1. Hi! LunG,
    Well other person is straight up to the top in the same line from the lady who is collecting rocks. Probably this person is looking down at the photographer taking this shot. He is standing and visible only above his waist. Seem like you need to train your eyes to be more watchful to scan pictures.

    Glad that you asked.

  2. Hi Tigress, this place is at Ichangu VDC, about 4 kms west of Swayambhu, Kathmandu. However this place is not suitable for tigers so please dont go.

  3. This is a vivid picture to explain ‘life and struggle’ in many facets. Two people working in daunting rocks add drama of hardship of people here in Nepal. Well composed and right choice to go vertical frame.

    Putting human figure in any landscape photo is a good idea to give viewers magnitude of the place. 😀

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