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“The Epic of Zenos”?

“Cock-a-doodle-doo’? cried the rooster. Zenos woke up earlier than usual today. He was a child of the Ubbi Forest and today was his day to plant his seed in the “Garden of Life”?. Zenos is a 13 year old boy that possesses interesting powers. He had the strength of 100 men, yet he is only a child. Zenos lived in a little tree house, as did all the children in Ubbi Forest. In it, he had a TV, bed, and fridge with food. He didn’t even KNOW what other powers he possessed. As Zenos stepped out of …

his tree house into the balcony, he saw the magnificent view of the forest he sees every morning. Beautiful gigantic trees were ubiquitous and surrounded the village. The bright orange sun was rising above the trees to shine light and bring warmth to the forest. Little fairies were frolicking about, searching for their child. In Ubbi Forest, all the children here are orphans who have no place to live. The fairies act as guardians. Each child was assigned a fairy. There are also no grown-ups here. The guardian that watches over the forest is an owl by the name of Karpora-Barpora. He has vision 20 times better than an eagle’s and has the ability to detect danger to any Ubbi children. He resides deep in the heart of the Ubbi Forest, called the Woods of Truth. Zenos climbed down the ladder from his balcony to the rich forest soil. He knew he had to get to the Garden of Life and plant his seed. With the seed in his hand, he ran towards the Garden of Life. On his way there, he was stopped. “Zenos’? Zenos turned around. Not to his surprise, it was his best friend Ruta. “Why are you up so early Ruta?”? Zenos asked, “You already planted your seed a week ago’? Ruta replied, “Yeah, I know. I came here to help you get there.”? “What are you talking about? It’s not hard to walk to the Garden’? Zenos exclaimed. “LISTEN TO ME! Bobby guards the entrance and you know he hates you, he WONT let you through’? Ruta explained. “Oh yeah, right”¦”? Zenos answered. Zenos and Ruta walked to the entrance of the Garden. Surprisingly, Bobby wasn’t there. “That’s weird”?, Ruta said shockingly. As they stepped into the Garden Of Life, Ruta held Zenos back. “Wait’? she said. “I forgot to tell you, do NOT step on the soil, just throw your seed in and let’s get out of here’? Zenos did as he was told. Let’s take a minute to talk about Ruta. She was a brilliant 13 year old girl who could make fireballs and throw them. She also had the wisdom of 20 people. Suddenly, two fairies appeared. One was Zenos’ fairy and the other was Ruta’s fairy. “Goooood Mooorrninggg’? exclaimed the fairies together. “Karpora Barpora has waited for you two.”? Mila said. Mila is Zenos’ fairy. By the way, all fairies were girls about the size of a baseball. Lila, Ruta’s fairy, exclaimed, “Meet him at the exit of the forest”?. All four headed for the exit. At the exit, Karpora-Barpora appeared. “Hoo-hoot”? he greeted. “Nice to see you two! It’s been months! So Zenos, did you throw in your seed?”? Zenos replied, “Yes sir’? “You don’t have to be formal with me’? Karpora replied happily. “But I have some terrible news for you two. You all know we live in the land called Helix, right? Well, an evil wizard with great power has unleashed evil throughout the land! All villages have been cursed and evil dragons roam about’? “What does this have to do with us?”? Ruta asked, “This forest is protected from all evil’? “While this is true Ruta, I’m afraid the man will find a way to get his evil here,”? Karpora remarked, “The Woods of Truth are connected to two villages secretely. If the evil man was able to find a way in, it would be terrible! But anyways, I am entrusting you two to go on a quest. Find where the evil wizard resides and destroy him! I’ve heard rumors that he has resided in the Helix Castle! But it is dangerous may I warn you! To prove your worthiness, go to the Woods of Truth.”? “Will we get a reward?”? Ruta asked. “Yes”? Karpora answered, “If you can pass the strenuous difficulty of the woods, you have proven yourself worthy. At the end you’ll find Valeore, your transportation dragon’? “SWEET! A DRAGON’? exclaimed Zenos, “We accept’? “Alright then, I’ll be off’? Karpora said. Zenos and Ruta watched Karpora-Barpora fly off into the morning sun. “Alright, let’s get this thing done’? Zenos cried. “Yeah, lets go right now, the woods are up the hill behind your house”?, Ruta explained. Zenos and Ruta hurried over to the shop first and bought 3 bottles of Magical Elixir to replenish their health. As they headed up the hill, Zenos and Ruta figured out that as they got up the hill, it became much steeper. After what seemed like an hour to them, they finally got to the entrance to the Woods of Truth. They drank some of the stream water which is said to be able to re energize a person completely. After their drink, they were ready to prove their worthiness and entered the woods. “¦ “I’m telling you right now, this plan is flawless’? Master Vanyo yelled. Our story has taken a change of setting to the Helix Castle. The Helix Castle used to be the residence of King James and Queen Elizabeth, but they were killed by the evil Master Vanyo and he took control of Helix. Now the castle is a dark, eerie, scary place where only the bravest of the brave would come to confront Vanyo. “Now that one of our dragons caught that stupid owl Karpora-Barpora, I’ll blackmail him into telling me an entrance to his forest.”? Vanya explained. “That’s a brilliant plan sir’? Vogano, Vanyo’s servant, replied. Master Vanya is an evil wizard who possesses dark powers. He has the ability to control weak animals and humans and turn them into evil. Vogano has been Vanyo’s partner in crime for many years. He has great combat skills and can fire 5 punches in one second. Vanyo and Vogano headed towards the highest tower of the castle where Karpora was locked up. “¦ Back in the Woods of Truth, Zenos and Ruta encountered a Misizu inside the entrance. A Misizu is a piglike animal with a spear. Zenos ran at the Misizu and knocked it out with his strength. The Misizu exploded and left behind a sword. Zenos picked it up and decided to use it on his quest. “Ooohhh”¦nice sword’? Ruta said in awe. Further down the Woods of Truth, the two encountered a Black Knight. “You may NOT pass’? exclaimed the night. “What if I fight you for it?”? Zenos quickly challenged. “You wont beat me and you WILL NOT PASS’? cried the short, stout knight. “You’re on.”? said Zenos. Zenos delivered the first strike. He jumped in the air and his sword came speeding down right into the Black Knight’s head. Zenos’ speed and power was no match for the Knight so he was vanquished. After walking a little longer, Zenos and Ruta saw their dragon. It’s orange 50 foot body stood out ahead. “Woah, would ya look at that”?, said Ruta. “I’m the dragon for you in your quest. My name is Valeore, I come from the Mehico Kingdom. I can breathe fire and ice, I hope to be of assistance”?, Valeore explained in a strong Spanish accent. “Yes, can you take us to the Helix Castle?”? Ruta questioned. “Hola Senorita, como te llamas (what is your name)? The answer to your question is yes”?, said Valeore. “My name is Ruta and this is Zenos”?, Ruta explained. “Nice to meet you Senor and Senorita”?, Valeore greeted. “If you could climb on my back, we can take off right away”?. Zenos and Ruta climbed on the majestic dragon and flew up into the bright afternoon sun. “¦ “Hello there little owl,”? grinned Vanyo. “How are you today?”? “What is it that you want?”? Karpora asked. “Tell me where I can get to your Ubbi Forest. Or else”¦”? Vanyo demanded. “Or else what?”? Karpora asked. “Or else I’ll get your two precious heroes killed’? Vanyo laughed, “Don’t think I don’t know where they are. Vogano can fly on my black dragon and burn that Spanish dragon with your heroes on it.”? “You cruel, cruel, monster,”? Karpora said softly. “You have on more chance to tell me,”? spoke Vanyo. Vanyo raised his right hand and started making a dark black energy ball in his hand. The dark energy turned the room dark. “One”¦more”¦chance’? Vanyo yelled with an evil grin on his face. Karpora said nothing. Suddenly, there was a dark explosion and all one could hear was laughter. The evil laughter of the evil wizard Vanyo. “Those forest children have lost their guardian’? laughed Vanyo. “Master Vanyo, I hear reports that two kids on an orange dragon are headed towards the castle,”? Vogano explained. Vanyo grinned. “Perfect”¦”? said Vanyo mischievously, “I’ll ride on Staton and you ride on Remno”?. Staton and Remno are two large, black dragons. Vanyo and Vogano snapped their fingers and two dragons came soaring in the castle yard. They boarded their respective dragons and flew into Helix field to confront the two heroes in an epic battle. “¦ “What’s that?”? questioned Ruta. Off in the horizon, Ruta, Zenos, and Valeore saw two black figures speeding towards them. As they got closer, it resembled two massive dragons with a person on each one. “Very nice to meet you,”? grinned Vanyo. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Vanyo and this is Vogano. I’m the man that has been cursing this kingdom. The last thing I need is YOUR forest’? Zenos and Ruta became terrified. “Tell me how to get in your forest and I won’t have to hurt you,”? demanded Vanyo. “NEVER’? answered Zenos. “A little child challenging us? Oh what fun’? Vanyo laughed. “I think the use of dragons in this battle shall be forbidden,”? Vanyo said. Zenos nervously agreed. “We’ll fight in MY castle, where some dragons are too weak to enter. If you two have the ability to break past the barrier, you can fight us.”? Vanyo explained. All three dragons flew over to the castle. Everyone got off of the dragons and headed inside the castle. It turns out that Ruta and Zenos were strong enough to break the barrier. “This is where the battle shall be set’? demanded Vanyo. It was a big foyer and there were many stone pillars surrounding it. “Oh yes, and just so you know, your precious guardian owl has been killed’? laughed Vanyo. This made Ruta and Zenos very angry and gave them more will to fight. The battle had begun! Ruta delivered the first attack. She made two fireballs and threw them at Vanyo and Vogano. Both of them used a psychic energy to fire the balls back at Zenos and Ruta. The fireballs came speeding back at the two heroes and they had no way of dodging the fireballs. The two heroes got scorched and fell to the ground injured. They had lost all hope. Vanyo made a large black energy bomb and lashed it at the heroes. A large explosion was made. Vanyo and Vogano laughed with great evil. After a few minutes, Zenos got up. He crawled over to Ruta and tried to wake her up. She didn’t nudge. Her skin was cold and pale and appeared dead. Zenos cried a little. “She’s probably dead’? laughed Vanyo. “ROOOAAAR’? A loud dragon’s scream was heard. Valeore broke in from the top of the castle. “Zenos! Hurry on my back! Bring the girl too’? cried Valeore. Zenos jumped on Valeore with Ruta’s body. Valeore flew up and burned the castle down. Zenos explained what had happened to Ruta. “I’m very sorry”¦”? Valeore replied solemnly. While the castle was burning, Zenos saw Vanyo escaping. Zenos took his sword out. It shined brightly. He threw the sword at Vanyo with great speed. The sword pierced Vanyo in the head. He fell dead. Valeore then burned Vanyo’s body too. The two watched the castle burn down. Vanyo and Vogano were never heard of again. Zenos looked at Ruta and fell into tears. A battle was won, the evil was gone but a friend was lost. Valeore and Zenos headed towards the forest. At the forest, everyone cheered happily for Zenos as Valeore came flying in. But suddenly, Zenos heard a moan. Ruta was moving! She wasn’t dead after all, just knocked out badly. She woke up and Zenos was very happy. The two hugged each other and reminisced on the battle won.

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