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Vishnu Kshettri


0 thoughts on “वर्तमानको क्रन्दन

  1. Suresh, You caught me man. This is out of the blues, sensible act, bravo. Let’s Tango Charlie, courtesy BK. tuned now it’s loud and clear, telepathy begins. There was a visit today, no see. Please do not forget Guru Purnima. Thumbs up for all acts. I follow the say “Keep your basics right”.


  2. This will definitely be featured as the “Editor’s Pick” sometime soon….Vishnu dai

  3. the first line is mind blowing… it’s hung on my mind since the first time i read it…

    Cheers !!

  4. O Vish, real soul touching…… out of faag no crap. I usually find you in Bheri Seti and Mahakali. Some times you are in Humla Jumla too. You are seldom in Pokhara at times in Banepa togather in Kavre. O Vish, real soul touching……..


  5. Over the top for my Grey Matters!!
    The texts are deceiving, and the clarity of the text is weeping to its extreme.
    If I understood it or not is just like “A line drawn in the sand”. One moment I draw a line, the next moment the storm blows it and I need to sketch it again. 🙂
    By the way, Nice coherence of the image and the caption…..

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