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प्रचन्ड : हतियार सबै खोलाले बगायो



0 thoughts on “प्रचन्ड : हतियार सबै खोलाले बगायो

  1. beautiful portray!!! you are really creative. Maoists must learn from you. meanwhile, waepons are necessicity for today’s world. without weapons you cannot win a war. If you have guns you can liberate your society, culture, religion, belief,…from anarchy and masochism. As pawan said, please post into KTM post,kantipur,gorkhapatra and maoist press too. they must learn what to speak and what not. Pure unbiased journalism is in you.

  2. Dherai ramro Dovan. mau badi lai ramro sikchha chha yo. Tesmathi tyo lukayeko hatihar barema pani bhandaphor garne gari byanga chitra banaye sun ma suganda hunthiyo ki?

  3. One of the few people I appreciate are the cartoonists for their wit, acuity, capability to analyze situations and concise method of expression.

    Good Job Dovan.

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