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0 thoughts on “जीवन खेला हो

  1. BB,

    KG says “Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup”.

    Nice poetic, enjoyed it reading.


  2. Once in a while, you crystallize your metaphysical musings into beautiful nuggets like these, keep it coming … I leave you with more subtleties.

    “There is a lake between sun and moon
    Not too many know about
    In the silence between whisper and shout
    The space between wonder and doubt

    There is a fine line between love and illusion
    A fine place to penetrate
    The gap between actor and act
    The lens between wishes and fact

    Some need to pray to the sun at high noon
    Need to howl at the midwinter moon
    Reborn and baptized in a moment of grace
    We just need a break
    From the headlong race”


    Rush – “Between Sun And Moon”

  3. Pheri tehi line maan paryo..

    Life is an art.
    In this desire to live and the wish to perform
    I perish. You perish.

    dami translation..–

  4. GBG- Telling about one language in different language in same manner is mastering. You command on many aspects of life to which I salute you!

    Thanking you!!

  5. Shankar thank you for asking. That picture speaks more than words and it is added up by Dhilung. Dhilung and I have a agreement if I write some lines he is happy to garnish them with some art. I believe in his talent and have not asked what it is yet.

    Ask him and he will tell you – matrixplay at gmail.com


  6. Someone asked me what this post was all about and here is my attempt at translation (I am neither a poet nor a translator. So, forgive my errors, if any.)


    (Note: There is no English word for the word ‘khelaa’. This word is Vishnu’s invention and trying to explain it would be futile.)

    Life is an art.
    In this desire to live and the wish to perform
    I perish. You perish.

    Despite knowing this truth
    Why do humans romp?

    Dreams may be blissful; reality, gloomy.
    Blissful reality may be not attained
    Or dreams may themselves be gloomy.

    Despite being aware of this
    Why do humans rage?

    All successful humans may not be good.
    All good deeds may not be successful.
    In search of success and goodness
    Humans may, as well, fail.

    Despite having this knowledge
    Why do humans fear?

    Laughter may cease; tears may pour.
    Pouring tears may, like a flower,
    Blossom into laughter.

    If one only understands,
    Humans may, very well, rejoice
    In the garden of joyfulness.

  7. vishnu dai background image chai bhujina..

    …..ma sidhinchu timi shidhinchau…..yo line chai sabai bhanda ramro lagyo..

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