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Mabi Singh


गजल 6

खिया लाग्दै नलाग्ने सुनको थुप्रो हो नेपाल ।
हिमालै राखी बोकेको ठूलो कोक्रो हो नेपाल !

कसैले भन्ला बैशै नआई कुप्रो भो नेपाल,
मेरो भार ऊठाई रहेको काम्रो हो नेपाल ।

झुप्रै सही घर, सांझ संधै फर्कुं फर्कुं लाग्छ,
छाना नहोला तर बचेराको ओथ्रो हो नेपाल !

मनग्गे ती काल रात्रीहरुले आकाशै निल्दा ,
दिनै नंया क्षितिज ल्याउने पात्रो हो नेपाल ।

श्रीखण्ड देख्छु म, तिमी भन्छौ तुहेक्रो हो नेपाल,
ओढ्न जाने दोसल्ला नजाने भाङ्ग्रो हो नेपाल ।

बोस्टन, अक्टोबर ३१

0 thoughts on “गजल 6

  1. A nice portrayal of unconditional love despite the hardships.
    A potion to survive all odds.

    My best verse: ‘Chhano nahola tara bacharoko othra ho Nepal!’

  2. Good job Mabi. You know how to put abstract thought together in a very natural way. I love reading your poem.


  3. awesome! i love ur gajals. u play with words nicely and ur theme is always excellent too. hope to see more from u.

  4. Wow! This is a beautful piece. Poet has expressed his love for the motherland and has made readers think twice who have left the country and have never looked back. This piece should provoke discussion here at EU. Why is no one writing anything? I hear a lot of people complaining about Nepal. Do you differ with the poet here?

    Yestai Ho

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