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तिम्रै आकर्शण को राप मा सम्पूर्ण शरिर पगालेर
एकै आवाज मा तिम्रो आए पनि दौडेर
नसोच्नु कदापि तिम्रो दास् मलाइ
तिमि मेरो आदत हुन सक्छौ तर प्रेम होइन

बगेकै छ तिम्रो असर मेरो नशा भित्र
शत्रु पनि तिमि मेरो तिमिनै मेरो मित्र
नसोच्नु रोकिनेछ मेरो धड्कन तिम्रो मुटु बिना
तिमि मेरो आदत हुन सक्छौ तर प्रेम होइन

बाच्न सिके हास्न सिके तिम्रो सामिप्यताले गर्दा
रङिन भयो जीवन मेरो तिम्रो मनमा डेरा सर्दा
नसोच्नु आफुलाइ चन्द्र मेरो गगन को
तिमि मेरो आदत हुन सक्छौ तर प्रेम होइन

थामेकैथ्यो हात मेरो सारा जागले पागल भन्दा
कहा कहा उडेकैथे नया नाम आफ्नो सुन्दा
नसोच्नु लाग्छ हक तिम्रो मेरो जीवनमा
तिमि मेरो आदत हुन सक्छौ तर प्रेम होइन

उच्चारण हुनेछ नाम तिम्रो अन्तिम शास मैले फेर्दा
उपस्थिति चाहन्छु म तिम्रो मल्हमिले मलाइ घेर्दा
नसोच्नु त्यति बेला पनि अन्त्य भयो अहम् ता को
तिमि मेरो आदत हुन सक्छौ तर प्रेम होइन

0 thoughts on “आदत

  1. I dig this one the most:) its so right on, many a times we associate our idea of joy/happiness with the things or a person from which/whom we think we gained “happiness” in the past , and they become addictive when our mind keeps trying to re-create those same circumstances/ feelings in order to sustain its limited definition of happiness. on a molecular level, its the certain pattern in which a certain number of neurons connect which become the happiness drug/habit that we keep seeking.

  2. Jasle kosai prem garcha yeti ghamandai nai hudaina..

    Kamjori lai lukaunu ko satta admit garne manche manche ho

    After all it’s your love. Come on you have to be better than this.

    You showed your dual personality through your poem

    But hey! Good luck.

    One more tip:

    Go for it only if she makes you feel “you wanna be a better man”. Otherwise its not worth it.

  3. whooosshh, what a Great poem, even suitable for nursery boys who look at hindi movies. Thanks for great effort thoough in sumamrizing Romeo Juliet world to modern bloggers. ThE Ultra feminist radicle team will now shout at you because you said girls as “Adat” which means addiction, habit, and a girl cannot be so.

  4. यो काबिता padhera ext 172 kotha ma huri batas chalera barbad bhai sakyo…any one who needs some cool breeze do come to the top floor where Rupa di is stationed and just recite the poem to get cool breeze blowing over ur head…
    give it a try

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